Cookies policy

Last update on Mar 18, 2024

I. Introduction

This document is intended to inform you about our "Cookies Policy" applicable to all visitors of Masterboost, a web page accessible at, hereinafter referred to as the "Site", "Masterboost", "services", "we", "us", "our", in compliance with the legal provisions on personal data in force, such as EU Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR").



II. Standard Definition

A "cookie" refers to certain modules and similar technologies through which information can be collected and stored on the web. An "Internet Cookie" (also known as "HTTP cookie", "browser cookie" or simply "cookie") is a small text file that contains alphanumerical data and is stored in the memory of computers, smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices. A cookie has two components: the name and the content. Cookies are installed (set) through instructions sent by a web server to a web browser (the application used to access a web site, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Microsoft Edge) or by using a client-side scripting language (such as Javascript). Cookies are "passive" by nature, meaning they cannot contain software applications, cannot contain malware and cannot themselves access information from the device they are stored on. By design, cookies can only be accessed by the same web site that installed them, whenever the user returns to that web site.



III. Usage Purpose And Lifetime

Cookies are used to improve the user experience of the website, optimise user browsing, adapt some features to the preferences of each individual user, and ensure a smooth operation of our services, such as:

registering a user account;

saving preferences;

securing transactions (such as XSRF tokens to ensure valid requests);

anonymous web traffic statistics to the Site (this allows us to see how we are doing and which areas of the Site can be improved);

delivery of online advertisements.

Cookies lifetime can vary depending on their purpose and based on lifetime, they fall in one of two categories:

session cookies: stored temporary while client (browser) is still open and deleted automatically when the web browser is closed;

persistent cookies: stored on the user’s device until a specific time (which can be minutes, days, or years in the future) or until deleted manually through web browser settings or specialized computer software.



IV. Types Of Cookies Used On Masterboost

Strictly necessary cookies: used to enable core web site functionality and store user preferences (such as user session or XSRF tokens) Performance cookies: used to facilitate usage statistics, including web traffic statistics Authentication cookies: used to allow registration of accounts as well as authentication (log in) to those accounts Advertising cookies: used to allow statistics on the performance of advertisements as well as target advertisements based on user interests (cookies installed by third-party services such as Google Adsense)



V. Explicit List Of Cookies Used By Masterboost

V.1. First-party cookies (cookies used directly by our Site):


used for both visitors and authenticated users in session handling;

lifetime: session cookie;


included with each response generated by our Site to provide protection from cross-site-request-forgery attacks;

lifetime: session cookie;


used for remembering authenticated users;

lifetime: persistent cookie (5 years) V.2. Third-party cookies (cookies used by third-party services):


helps in detecting malicious visitors to our Site

set by Cloudflare

more details here


used to count sessions and unique users in web traffic statistics

set by Google Analytics

more details here


used to count sessions and unique users in web traffic statistics and

set by Google Analytics

more details here


cookie for regularization (throttle requests)

set by Google Analytics

more details here

__gads or __gac:

cookie for regularization (throttle, rate limiting, performance)

set by Google Adsense

more details here


VI. Cookies Management Definitions

Disabling cookies makes our services harder to use. Some features will be degraded and others will not work at all (it is impossible to register or log in without cookies). This way, using our community feature, posting, replying, managing players accounts and other utilities will not be available. In addition, users may configure their web browser to reject (or accept) cookies sent by specific sites on their behalf. All modern browsers offer this functionality, which can be accessed through the "options", "settings" or "preferences" menu. Disabling cookies will not stop advertisements from being show, but it might make them less relevant to your interests.

more about cookies management

clear, enable, and manage cookies on Google Chrome (all OS)

enable or disable cookies in Mozilla Firefox

browsing data and cookies in Microsoft Edge

clear the history and cookies in Safari

clear the history and cookies in Safari (iOS)

cookies preferences in Opera

delete and manage cookies in Internet Explorer